Mauritius | Kenya | Seychelles
Axis specializes in developing trust
structures that protect your assets.
As part of its regional expansion, Axis has now established a presence in Seychelles and Kenya.
Axis can set up and manage tax-incentive companies and offshore entities in Mauritius.
Mauritius has recently opened up its
real-estate market to foreigners.
Axis provides specialist offshore fund
services for a full range of fund structures.
Axis further consolidates its preferred relationship with BLC Robert by becoming an affiliate of ALN.
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Budget Highlights - November 2010 2011-01-24 Download
BUDGET HIGHLIGHTS 2012 2011-11-10 Download
Budget speech 2015 2015-03-25 Download
Business Registration Act 2002 2010-11-25 Download
CIS Regulations 2008 2010-11-25 Download
Code on Prevention of Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing 2010-11-25 Download
FATCA write up 2013-04-10 Download
Financial Services Act 2007 2010-11-25 Download
Foundation Bill 2012-06-06 Download
Mauritius Network of Tax Treaties Matrix 2010-11-25 Download
SECURITIES ACT 2005 -with amendments 2007 2010-11-25 Download
supplement to budget speech 2015-03-25 Download
The Companies Act 2001 2010-11-25 Download
The Private Trust Company 2010-11-25 Download
Write up on AIFMD 2013-05-24 Download