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Axis specializes in developing trust
structures that protect your assets.
As part of its regional expansion, Axis has now established a presence in Seychelles and Kenya.
Axis can set up and manage tax-incentive companies and offshore entities in Mauritius.
Mauritius has recently opened up its
real-estate market to foreigners.
Axis provides specialist offshore fund
services for a full range of fund structures.
Axis further consolidates its preferred relationship with BLC Robert by becoming an affiliate of ALN.
Our Services
Trusts are an important tool in estate planning and private wealth management.

Axis specializes in developing trust structures that protect your assets.

Axis can set up and manage trusts governed by the law of Mauritius. Through our network of partners and affiliates worldwide, we are also able to set up and manage foreign trusts.

We provide the highest standard of fiduciary services. Our clients can rely on our precision and the fast delivery of strategic solutions to meet their objectives.

Our Trust Services include:

  • Setting up and management of resident and non-resident trusts in Mauritius and abroad
  • Acting as Corporate Trustee on a variety of trust structures
  • Acting as Protector, Enforcer, or Custodian Trustee
  • Setting up and administration of Private Trust Companies (PTC)
  • Trust Accounting Services
  • Trust migration
  • Facilitation services

Trusts in Mauritius

Mauritian legislation allows for the creation of various types of Trusts, including fixed, discretionary, protective, purpose and charitable trusts.

Key Features of Trusts in Mauritius:

  • No registration or filing requirements
  • Anti-avoidance provisions in relation to forced heirship
  • Trustee must be regulated by the Financial Services Commission
  • Extensive powers may be given to the Protector
  • Possibility to split Trusteeship into a Custodian and a Managing Trustee
  • Maximum duration of 99 years
  • Non-resident trusts are tax-exempt
  • Trusts may apply for a GBC I license
  • Confidentiality enshrined in the law

For more information on Trusts in Mauritius, please refer to our Resources Section.