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Axis specializes in developing trust
structures that protect your assets.
As part of its regional expansion, Axis has now established a presence in Seychelles and Kenya.
Axis can set up and manage tax-incentive companies and offshore entities in Mauritius.
Mauritius has recently opened up its
real-estate market to foreigners.
Axis provides specialist offshore fund
services for a full range of fund structures.
Axis further consolidates its preferred relationship with BLC Robert by becoming an affiliate of ALN.
Our Services
Real-Estate Services
Mauritius has recently opened up its real-estate market to foreigners. At Axis we have an in-depth knowledge of
and expertise in the existing real-estate schemes and market. We can guide you through your
purchase from day one.

Our Real-Estate Services include:

  • Professional guidance on investment in Mauritius through the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS)
    and Real Estate Scheme (RES)
  • Structuring of real-estate purchases
  • Provision of power-of-attorney
  • Handling applications for residency under the relevant schemes
  • Facilitation Services
  • Management of rental income
  • Accounting Services
  • Business introduction and provision of guidance on trade and finance opportunities

Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS)

The Integrated Resort Scheme is aimed at the high-end international property market. These luxurious
developments on sprawling estates with a minimum price tag of 500,000 US Dollars are meant to attract
high-net worth individuals and investors to Mauritius. The villas are complete with leisure facilities and
amenities on hand to suit every taste, from golf villas to beach resorts. The IRS market is booming and
offers developers an extensive business opportunity while providing a rewarding occasion to the discerning
investor. For the international buyer there is the additional perk of becoming a Mauritian Resident upon
purchase of an IRS property.

Key Features of IRS:

  • 500,000 US Dollar minimum price per property
  • Development must take place on a minimum of 10 hectares of land
  • High-end luxury properties
  • High class leisure and recreational facilities, including golf and spa
  • Mauritian Residency acquired upon IRS purchase
  • Comprehensive development opportunity

Real-Estate Scheme (RES)

The Real Estate Scheme (RES) has smaller scale developments in mind. RES can be constructed on smaller parcels of land and have no price tag minimum like the IRS projects. In this way the RES may appeal to property owners, real-estate developers and investors interested in a lucrative opportunity and non-citizens eager for the chance to own property in Mauritius.

Key Features of RES:

  • No minimum price tags for sale to non-citizen
  • Development must take place on less than 10 hectares of land
  • Mix of residences
  • Commercial facilities and leisure amenities on-site
  • Less restrictive than IRS