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Axis specializes in developing trust
structures that protect your assets.
As part of its regional expansion, Axis has now established a presence in Seychelles and Kenya.
Axis can set up and manage tax-incentive companies and offshore entities in Mauritius.
Mauritius has recently opened up its
real-estate market to foreigners.
Axis provides specialist offshore fund
services for a full range of fund structures.
Axis further consolidates its preferred relationship with BLC Robert by becoming an affiliate of ALN.
Our Services
Corporate Services
We have experience in setting up companies efficiently and rapidly.

We can set up and manage tax-incentive companies and entities in Mauritius, Seychelles and Kenya. Through our network of partners and affiliates worldwide, we can also set up offshore entities in various jurisdictions, including in Africa through our affiliation with ALN.

We provide you with the corporate and secretarial services to ensure that your company complies with the regulations of the relevant jurisdictions.

Our Corporate Services include:

  • Incorporation and administration of Mauritius , Seychelles and Kenyan companies
  • Incorporation and administration of foreign entities
  • Company migration and re-domiciliation
  • Preparation of business plans
  • Preparation and filing of tax and annual returns
  • Provision of professional directors, registered agent and registered office
  • Arranging board meetings and providing administration and secretarial services
  • Model Constitutions
  • Handling applications for work and residence permits and duty remission facilities for expatriate staff
  • Provision of physical, cost and tax-effective business presence offering a wide range of business support services
  • Introduction of clients to leading banks in Mauritius, Seychelles and Kenya for opening of and operating banks accounts
  • Business introduction and provision of guidance on trade and finance opportunities
  • Provision of Share Registration Services
  • Supervision of the Compliance requirements by Axis Kenya for companies and branches registered in Uganda and Tanzania.
  • Company re-organisation services.
  • Liquidation services
  • Group restructurings and amalgamations
  • Company Listings

Mauritius Global Business Companies (GBC)
There are two types of Global Business Companies in Mauritius, GBC I and GBC II.
Seychelles Business Companies
There are two types of Global Business Companies in Seychelles, the IBC and the Special Licence Companies (CSL).

For more information on Mauritius and Seychelles Companies, please refer to our Resources Section.